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Barcode Inventory Scanning Services at the Leading Edge of Technology


Barcode inventory scanning is the norm for the vast majority of businesses today. But, a barcode scanner is a far more accurate device for an itemized inventory count in the hands of a professional inventory specialistThe Inventory Specialists' professionals use the latest in barcode scanning equipment and software, and our staff is specially trained to use it in a variety of different retail and warehouse environments.


Our inventory professionals use handheld scanners from AST that are designed for high speed data entry and accuracy. The AST software we use allows for easy review of the raw data, so our inventory specialists have the opportunity to review each entry to insure accuracy and eliminate errors.

This software also provides us with a high degree of flexibility. With it, we can generate customized inventory reports that meet the data requirements of any client.


Contact us today to request a quote on your next inventory count. Let us show you how easy and trouble-free The Inventory Specialists can make this task.

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