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Fast Delivery of Customized Inventory Reports


The Inventory Specialists uses the most state of the art equipment and software. Our hand-helds are designed for high speed data entry and accuracy. The software allows for easy review of the raw data which gives us the opportunity to review each entry to insure accuracy and to eliminate errors.

With our software we have many useful reports that are always available to our customers, but with the flexibility of our program we can generate custom reports that can satisfy any reporting needs.

Here are some examples of our standard reports:

Inventory Summary, this report shows the inventory totals summarized by category, and compares them to the last count.

Inventory Summary with Adjustments, this report shows you the inventory totals summarized by category, but it also will include a comparison to your current book value (if provided) and it also shows adjustments for Sales before and during the audit as well as any invoices or credits that have not been booked at the time of the inventory.

Section Detail, this is the report that shows the totals broken down by category and area.

Category Variance, with this report we can pull up all the totals for a single category, this is helpful when a single category looks off. We can compare the selected category by section and look for any unexpected changes.

Sales Credits and Invoices, if you provide us with you sales for the day of the inventory, before and during we will make an adjustment to the counted value. We will add full sales for everything sold before our arrival and half the sales during the audit. We can also make adjustments for invoices and credits at your request.

Cigarette Count Detail, Cup Count Detail, and Lottery Count Details, are reports we run that show you the detailed counts “by Price” for these highly watched items.

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