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If you have retail stores or a warehouse, the team at The Inventory Specialists has worked in an environment like yours. Our inventory counting teams have years of experience and advanced handheld scanning equipment and software, so they can deliver the information you need accurately and quickly, with as little disruption as possible.


If you are a California retailer that requires 10 or more inventories monthly, we offer a huge discount on your first inventory. Give our inventory specialists a chance to win your business for years to come. Request a quote on your next inventory audit now. MAKE YOUR REQUEST HERE.


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Inventory Counting Teams That Deliver Customized Service & Accuracy

Inventory Count Services That Provide the Foundation for Clients’ Success

Accurate inventory counts from professionals like those at The Inventory Specialists are a necessity in today’s business environment, where both margins and staffing are lean. A third-party inventory audit can take the pressure off your staff, and provide precise, customized data that allows your managers to make profitable inventory management decisions.

For annual physical inventories, periodic cycle counts, fixed asset inventories or any inventory valuationThe Inventory Specialists can provide expertise and advice, in addition to the trained staff needed to perform a thorough inventory count.

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