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Retail Inventory Services from California’s Inventory Specialists

Retail inventory services that provide accurate counts and customized inventory reports are essential to profitable management of any store or warehouse. Our clients rely on The Inventory Specialists to provide a level of timeliness and accuracy that cannot be duplicated by their own untrained employees.


The Inventory Specialists serves retailers and distributors throughout California. Although we have experience providing inventory services to many types of retailers and manufacturers, we know our expertise is especially valuable to some kinds of businesses.

Convenience Stores


Convenience stores that operate with small margins and small staffs can benefit greatly from our retail inventory service.

Grocery Stores


Grocery Stores have thousands of SKUS and rely on rapid inventory turnover for profitability. Taking inventory quickly with little disruption to customers is essential. Our teams of inventory specialists will provide the inventory snapshot grocery stores need to manage their shelf stock.


Pharmacies & Pharmaceutical Suppliers


These businesses have need of specialized expertise and attention to detail. We are skilled at determining the quantity of different size pills and bottle counts. We know how to read expiration dates and cost codes, such as Bergin-Brunswick and the CHARLESTON alpha codes. We take pride in the accuracy of our pharmacy inventory counts.


Liquor Stores & Warehouses


The Inventory Specialists also has special experience and expertise with liquor store and warehouse inventory services.


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